Glitter Tattoos 🙂

Along with Face Painting we can also offer a variety of glitter tattoos. This is a good alternative for children who would prefer not to have their faces painted.

We have a big book of tattoo stencils with lots of designs for the children to choose from.

The stencil is placed on the arm, then the body glue is applied. Glitter is sprinkled on top and the stencil is removed…..voila!!!

It takes around 3 minutes to apply the glitter tattoo but the results will last for around 3-5 days if kept clean and protected from clothes rubbing.



How to remove a Glitter Tattoo!

We do wish they could be permanent, but eventually Glitter Tattoos will wear away after a few days.

Should you need to remove a tattoo, this can be done by rubbing it off with a cotton ball and lotion – or oil (baby oil is my preference)

A great addition to any party

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