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Temporary Glitter Tattoos

Party Face Painting offer Glitter Tattoos in addition to our Face Painting services

Glitter Tattoos are temporary tattoos for children that sit on top of the skin. Created by using a stencil, body safe adhesive and cosmetic grade glitters to produce a long lasting, colourful tattoo.

Tattoos last for 3-5 days and can be removed by following our instructions below.



“A great addition to any party!”

Whats included with Glitter Tattoos

If you decide to include glitter tattoos at your party, our artists will bring along a great selection of tattoo stencil designs, suitable for both boys and girls.

Choose from florals, animals, characters and more. 

The children can then pick their favourite colours from our sparkling range of glitter to achieve a fantastic final effect.

Book Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos can be selected as a service on their own or as an add-on to Face Painting. 

Depending on the number of children, and the time available, we may be able to offer both face painting and a glitter tattoo to all your guests. However, if guest numbers are high, the children may only have the choice of one or the other. You can request 2 artists if you want to guarantee all children get both.

Glitter tattoos are a great alternative for any children who prefer not to have their faces painted. 

To book, please send us your event details via our enquiry form and we will get back to you with availability and a price. 

Helpful Information

How are Glitter Tattoos applied?

Temporary tattoos are applied to the skin using a stencil, body-safe adhesive and cosmetic glitter. 

Where can Glitter tattoos be applied?

Tattoos can be placed on the arm, hand or leg but not on the face. 

How long do Glitter Tattoos last?

The results will last for around 3-5 days if kept clean and protected from clothes rubbing. 

How to remove a Glitter Tattoo.

We do wish they could be permanent, but eventually, all Glitter Tattoos will begin to wear away. Should you need to remove a tattoo before then, this can be done by rubbing it off with a cotton ball, lotion or oil – baby oil is our preference. Hint: Allow the skin to soak in the oil for a few minutes before rubbing away the glitter in a circular motion


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