Party Face Painting

Face Painting for Large Events and Fundraisers

Having a face painter at your event can encourage attendance on the day.

If your workplace, school, community group or charity would like to offer Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos for a fun day, then we can help.

How it works

Pay Per Face

For large events and Fun Days aimed specifically at children, with lots of activities and other children’s entertainment, we can offer pay-per-face. If this event is well know and highly attended by families with children. If required, we could then pay a percentage of our profits or a set table fee as a donation to the organisers.

We normally charge £4 per face. and offer 10% of our profits after expenses on the day.  

Pay our Fees

For market events, charity events and craft fayres we would charge our hourly fee to the organiser as typically these events are more adult attended with fewer children. The organiser can  decide to offer the face painting for free or charge a ‘Per Face’ fee that is appropriate for that event.  The only caveat is that the money raised is fully dependant on the number of children we paint. Please note: It may not cover our fees. 

For council, schools, third sector or funded events where we or the organisers cannot make a profit, we tend to be paid our fee by the organiser to offer free face painting to the children. 


Face painting is a great attraction to any event

Why hire Party Face Painting?

  • Face Painting is a creative, enjoyable and memorable experience 
  • Face Painting is a great attraction for many families at any event.
  • Face Painting provides photo-sharing opportunities for promotion 
  • We bring expertise and skill to ensure a high-quality safe experience 
  • Choose to offer Face Painting free* or “pay per face”.
  • Multiple Face Painters are available for larger events.

*Can you paint for free?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to participate in events for free, but if you’re interested in having Face Painting at your event, there are a few friendly options to help cover our costs:

Pay Per Face
If you are looking to raise money we would recommend “Pay per Face” 

On event day, if you were to charge our recommended price of £4 per face, our artists could potentially cover our fees*, and depending on the number of children we paint, we may raise additional funds for your charity or fundraiser. 

*The only caveat is that the total amount of money raised is fully dependent on the number of children in attendance – if we paint less, we make less money. So be sure to let everybody know we will be there 🙂  

Our artists can handle payments for you, or you can designate a volunteer to assist.

Free Face Painting
Alternatively, if you are looking to offer ‘Free Face Painting’ to your participants on the day, you could seek sponsorship from a business or trader to cover the face painters’ fees or consider applying for local funding to support your event and cover our expenses. 

How many faces can you paint?

When Face Painting at public events and fundraisers we offer our smaller, faster eye designs in order to fit as many children as we possibly can. 

Each artist can paint around 15 fast faces per hour

How many face painters would we require?

The number of artists you require is dependent on 2 factors, the expected number of children attending, and the time available on the day.

We understand that not everyone will want to have their face painted, but if you estimate that 75% of younger children (ages 3-10) are more likely to participate, it might help you to work out how many artists you would require.

We have a handy guide below to give you a better idea….

2 hours

1 Artist
30 Faces

from £75

2 Artists
60 Faces

from £140

3 Artists
90 Faces

from £205

3 hours

1 Artist
45 Faces

from £110

2 Artists
90 Faces

from £200

3 Artists
150 Faces

from £295

4 hours

1 Artist
60 Faces

from £135

2 Artists
120 Faces

from £260

3 Artists
180 Faces

from £390

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