Party Face Painting

Health & Safety

All children must be accompanied by a parent or carer when having their faces painted

We recommend holding off on painting the faces of our littlest ones under 3.

If a child looks very young, we may ask if they have had their face painted before.

We can’t paint any children who are unable to sit or choose to be painted willingly.

For our 3-year-old friends, how about a small design on the cheek, hand, or arm?

If someone has a cold sore, eczema, or any other little hitch, let’s skip the face paint for now.

If your little one has sensitive skin, a quick skin test beforehand might be a good idea.

Parents, please make sure those canvases (faces) are clean and ready to go.

And just a heads up, we can’t take responsibility for any unexpected reactions.

For removal at the end of the day, we suggest using mild soap and water for the face paint removal, no more tears shampoo works wonders.

Some colours might linger a bit but don’t worry, it’s just a temporary mark of the fun! baby oil or even olive oil will remove any staining on the skin.

Covid-19 Information

All of our artists carry out health and safety measures in line with current government guidelines on safe working practices for close contact.

These guidelines are subject to change and we can confirm what measures we are taking to provide our services to you when you make your booking.

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